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BR Energypro (Vitamin and Mineral Mixture)

BR Energypro (Vitamin and Mineral Mixture)
BR Energypro (Vitamin and Mineral Mixture)
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Product Code : 22
Product Description

BR Energypro (Vitamin and Mineral Mixture)

Vitamins :

Vitamins are the main component of poultry or bird nutrition. The poultry feed is widely deficient in vitamins. The food is therefore fortified by commercially gettable synthetic vitamins; Vitamins are a group of organic ingredients which are important in minute quantities for general growth of bird. Vitamins are neither sources of energy nor do they serve as building blocks. But they are totally important for normal function & maintenance of health. They are effective in minute amounts. They act basically as regulators of metabolic process and play a vital role in power transformations, commonly acting as co-enzymes in enzymatic reactions.

Vitamins exist in most feed components but in minute amounts. All vitamins, except vitamin C, are essential for poultry. Although the amounts of vitamins required in poultry diets range from parts per million (ppm) to parts per billion (ppb), each is required for normal metabolism and health. A marked deficiency of a single vitamin in the diet of chick leads to breakdown of the metabolic process driven by that particular vitamin. This results in vitamin deficiency disease.

No single feed stuff contains all vitamins in correct proportions. Therefore vitamin supplementation is desired to meet the requirement of poultry. Poultry feeds are usally formulated to contain more than adequate amounts of all vitamins. They provide margin of safety to compensate for possible losses during feed processing, transportation and storage, and variations in feed composition and environmental conditions.

Mineral :
Beside carbohydrates, vitamins,
fats and proteins, trace minerals form an essential part of the birds nutritional requirements. They are as important as amino acids and vitamins in maintenance of life, well-being and productivity of poultry. Minerals in combination with proteins, lipids and other substances enter the skeletal (bones) there by enhancing rigidity and strength required to support the soft tissues. Minerals take part in maintenance of osmatic pressure and acid base balance (pH) and aid in the activation of many enzymes of the body. At least 13 minerals are required for the best health and productivity of birds.

Composition :
BR Energypro consists all the above vitamins micro elements & trace minerals in a balanced form.

  • Vitamin A 1600 I.U.
  • Vitamin D3 3200 I.U.
  • Vitamin B12 40 mcg
  • Niacinamide 12 mg
  • Calcium 850 mg.
  • Vitamin B1 3 mg
  • Vitamin B2 3 mg
  • Vitamin B6 2 mg
  • Phosphorus 425 mg
  • Copper 100 mg
  • Manganase 12 mg
  • Zinc 110 mg.
  • Selenium Dioxide 40 mcg
  • Magnesium Oxide 50 mg
  • Asparagus Racemosus (Satavari) 100 mg
  • Laptadenia Reticulata (Jivanti) 50 mg

Benefit of Br Energypro :

  • Better digestibility of feed ingredients
  • Enhances growth rate, feed efficiency, and productivity
  • Leads to weight gain and overall made better performance. Enhances egg production and hatchability.

Dosage :

50 ML BID Orally

(For Cattle / Buffalo),

50 ML BID Orally

(For Horse),

10-20 ML daily

(For Claves),

0.5 - 1 ML BID

(For Birds)

Shelf Life : BR Energypro is best before 12 months from date of manufacture.

Storage : BR Energypro should be stored in a cool & dry place away from sunlight. Keep the container sealed when not in application.

Packing : BR Energypro is available in 25 Kg triple liner bags.

Compatibility : BR Energypro is compatible for utilize with all commonly utilized substances in feed and pre-mixes.

Technical Support : Please contact us for more detail concerning special use of this product.


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